Monday, March 2, 2009

New thoughts

As I put the fotos on the blogspot I look at the faces of the beautiful people I call my family. I am saddened that my daughter-in-law is not there. You see, she moved with my granddaughters to Norway, her native country. She wanted so badly to be with her mother and sisters and that is where they are now. My oldest son's heart was broken and so many tears were shed--I only wish I could take his pain as my own. I think when you see your children suffering, nothing else is important but to relieve their pain. Sadly, it is a path he has to travel, but I will be there next to him for as long as he will let me. My umbilical cord will now stretch across the Atlantic to Norway for both my lovely granddaughters and their mother, who I still love.

First time bloggin'

Okay, now that I have it, what do I do with it? As I have read others' blogspots, I realize you are all so much more talented at writing and verbalizing than I. It will be another outlet for me to educate myself to the 21st century (altho, we have been in it for nearly 9 years). My children have all grown up in the computer age and here I come along with the "dial phone". Needless to say, my granddaughters were FASCINATED with my princess phone and its' dial--they thought it was a new invention! See, some things are too valuable to give away!